The Great Watermelon Battle An attempt at humor; 13: implied sexual situations
The New Trainees Patlabor/Gundam Wing Xover; 13: implied sexual situations
Lemon Joy Cowritten with Tiercel; NC-17: explicit sexual situations
Lemon Pledge Cowritten with Tiercel; NC-17: explicit sexual situations
The Great Melon Battle

Duo bounded into the room, carrying a large, green, roundish object.

"Guys, look what I got at the store!"

The other 4 pilots stared. "What's that?" Wufei asked.

"Watermelon! They never had these on L2, well, only rarely, and they were really expensive. I remember one time, Solo stole one, and, man, was the shopkeeper pissed!"

"So what do you do with it?"

"Cut it open, and eat it." Duo took a large knife, put the melon on a cutting board, and cut it into slices. He dragged the guys outside, where they wouldn't make a mess of the carpet. (It would just be a big pain in the butt to clean it up, anyway.)

Heero looked curiously at the red, drippy, pulpy mass full of little black spots. "What do we do with the seeds?" he asked Duo, whose face was already covered with red, sticky juice.

"Watch," he answered, and spit a watermelon seed at Wufei, hitting him in the head.

Wufei sputtered on the piece of melon he was eating. "Injustice! I'll get you, Maxwell." He took a seed and launched it at Duo, who ducked.

The seed intended for Duo flew past him and landed in Trowa's bang. Trowa looked up from his second slice of melon.

"Not me," Duo said.

Trowa prepared a seed and launched it at Duo, whom it hit in the nose.

"T-man, I told you it wasn't me! It was Wufie, man." He spit a seed at Trowa, catching an unsuspecting Quatre in the crossfire, which only served to irk Trowa further.

"Shit!" Duo grabbed another piece of melon and ran.

Heero looked up from his third piece of melon, nonplussed, to see a seed land on his arm. It came from Quatre's direction, who looked rather sheepish.

Wufei took another slice of fruit and walked in the direction of "out of firing range," where he stood, peacefully eating his melon.

When Duo noticed Wufei standing off to the side, he paused in his assault on Heero, Trowa, and Quatre, and called a brief truce. They each took another slice of melon and carefully encircled Wufei. He was surprised when he was hit with a barrage of hard, black, sticky ovals.

"Injustice! I'll get you all!" He ran for the table, where he picked up another slice of melon- the last one. He shot seed-projectiles at all of the other pilots, who, out of ammunition, could only run and try to hide from the wrath of Wufei. Smiling, he said, "You know, Maxwell, that wasn't such a bad idea."

"Great way to blow off steam, ne?" Duo grinned, picking seeds out of his braid. "And getting all cleaned up afterwards is fun, too." He grinned devilishly and grabbed Heero and Wufei by the arms, dragging them back to the house.

Trowa smiled at Quatre. "I think they've got the right idea."

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