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Author's notes: Written as a Secret Santa for Lacus. The request was regarding Yzak being a Lacus fanboy. I tried to make this comedic, but they wouldn't cooperate. Dearka dropped this in my lap, and I had to go with it. Also, I don't think I could do a serious ending if I had to. Any canon boo-boos are all me.

"Dearka," Yzak asked, "do you think that Lacus is a traitor?" They were in Yzak's quarters, and Chairman Dullindal's Lacus had just given a television address which was interrupted by another Lacus. Yzak was confused.

Dearka blinked slowly. "I'm not the best person to ask, Yzak. Remember?"

"What? Oh, right." Yzak scowled. "But which one do you think is real?"

"The Lacus I remember wouldn't be a pawn for the Chairman to use as he pleases."

"So, the one who wasn't with the Chairman. The one with Kira."

"Yes," Dearka said, annoyance creeping into his voice.

"But that would mean she's a traitor," Yzak said. "She's going against the Chairman."

"Even if she's right and he's wrong?" Dearka suggested.

Yzak frowned. "She's the enemy, now," he said reluctantly.

"Is she? Would you fire on her ship? Even if she's right and hasn't ever done anything aside from point out that the Chairman's idea isn't such a good one?"

Yzak's breath whistled through clenched teeth as he thought. "If the order was given," he admitted grudgingly.

Dearka scowled and walked away. Yzak watched the door slide shut behind him, then rose and followed him. "Dearka, wait up!" he called. Dearka walked faster. When Yzak lost sight of him amid a crowd of soldiers, he guessed Dearka would head for his own quarters, so he slowed to a pace more becoming an officer.

When he arrived at Dearka's quarters and found the door locked, he had doubts. He pressed the intercom button. "Dearka? Let me in. I know you're in there." No response. "Dearka, open the door. Come on." He wondered if he'd guessed right. "Fine. Elthman, as your commanding officer, I order you to open the door." He heard sullen footsteps coming closer, then a mechanical click before the door slid open.

Dearka stood on the other side, glaring at him. "Don't pull rank on me, damn you. This has nothing to do with the Jule Team, and you damn well know it." He turned away and crossed the room to his chair. Yzak stayed by the door.

"I asked nicely. Twice," Yzak argued.

"And I ignored you both times. Maybe you should take that as a hint that I don't want to talk to you right now."

Yzak gaped dumbly. "What?"

"You're pissing me off, Yzak."

Yzak looked shocked. "What? Why?"

Dearka turned to look squarely at him. "Because it's all black and white with you, isn't it? You're with the Chairman, with PLANT, or you're an enemy. Even if you know the other side, who is also fighting your enemy, has a good argument. You're a great soldier. Congratulations."

Yzak pressed the button that locked the door and approached Dearka. "This isn't about Lacus anymore, is it?"

"You're smart, too. That's why you're the officer and I'm not. Oh, there was that little treason thing, too. How could I forget that? My own best friend tried to kill me."

Yzak considered several defenses, but he decided he deserved that. "I'm sorry, Dearka. I thought we'd gotten through that already. I thought I'd made it up to you."

"Persuading the brass not to execute me as a traitor or kick me out of ZAFT made it even. But you still saw me as the enemy once. And here you are talking about the people I sided with then – Lacus, and Kira, and Orb – and saying 'enemy, traitor.' What am I supposed to do, Yzak? I don't know if you're thinking I might switch sides this time, and wondering what that would do to your reputation, your career," Dearka snarled.

A pained look crossed Yzak's face. "No. Dearka, no, I never thought that. I promise." He laid his hand tentatively on Dearka's shoulder. When it wasn't rejected, his other hand followed. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for pulling rank just now. I'm sorry for not thinking."

"I'm used to that by now, Yzak. You don't think before you speak." The tone in Dearka's voice had lightened somewhat.

"I'm sorry for two years ago. I'm sorry for being so stubborn."

Dearka sighed. "You wouldn't be you if you weren't a stubborn pain in the ass." He leaned his head against Yzak's torso. "Thanks. For everything." One of Yzak's hands strayed up to stroke his hair. "So, would you fire on her?"

"I ... don't know. I don't think I would."

Dearka smiled. "So you won't have to take down your Lacus posters or get rid of your Lacus CDs. Isn't that good?"

Yzak pulled Dearka's hair. "Stop teasing me!"

"Sometimes I wonder who you love more, her or me..." Dearka's lip quirked upward.

"You, of course," Yzak said quickly.

"I don't believe you," Dearka taunted.

Yzak stepped around the chair and straddled Dearka's hips. "I love you, Dearka. Lacus is just a pretty girl."

"I thought you didn't like girls."

Yzak pressed his lips against Dearka's, as if to prove it. His tongue slipped between lips and teeth, fingers adroitly opened the uniform coat and teased bare skin below. "Still think I prefer some pink-haired girl to you?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe you should prove it some more." Dearka's breath caught when Yzak's hands moved to his belt.

Yzak moved to the floor and knelt in front of Dearka, who smirked like a cat in cream. Afterward, Yzak shifted to sit on the floor and rest his head on Dearka's knee.

Dearka twined his fingers in Yzak's hair. "I'm sorry for snapping earlier."

Yzak said, "No, I was being an ass."

"Would you mind taking down that Lacus poster on the ceiling above your bed?"

"I'll do that."


Dearka lay in Yzak's bed and rolled onto his back. His first unobstructed view of the ceiling where Lacus had been in full pink-haired color was of himself smiling back down. He turned toward Yzak. "That's not quite what I had in mind."

"Do you know how hard it was to find a place to print a picture that big?" Yzak muttered.

Dearka kissed him. "Thanks, Yzak. I love you."

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