The Great Watermelon Battle An attempt at humor; 13: implied sexual situations
The New Trainees Patlabor/Gundam Wing Xover; 13: implied sexual situations
Lemon Joy Cowritten with Tiercel; NC-17: explicit sexual situations
Lemon Pledge Cowritten with Tiercel; NC-17: explicit sexual situations
Lemon Pledge


I was sitting at Heero and Duo's wedding, with Noin as my companion. Thankfully, shortly after the war, she'd given up trying to get me to date her, and our friendship had blossomed.

They looked so happy up there. Tinges of jealousy stirred my insides; traces of memory flitted through my thoughts - memories of my happiness before the Eve Wars. I told myself this wasn't the time to be thinking about that, that I should pay attention to the two grooms as they celebrated and proclaimed their love for one another.


I made a silent vow to not let Duo and Heero plan my wedding, should I ever have another. Trowa, Quatre, and I were Best Men for both of the grooms. Mariemaia was the flower girl and appeared totally disgusted with the role, possibly because Duo insisted she have a butt bow. (Don't ever let anyone tell you he can't be vindictive.)

Still, all of that was relatively normal. But being married on the rebuilt Peacemillion? By *Howard*? That was more than a little bizarre. Especially since Howard had somehow dug up a really long Hawaiian shirt to use as a robe.


Watching the eclectic bunch at the front of the room was amusing. Quatre was staring dreamily at Trowa, whose expression was unreadable; Wufei was glaring; Heero was smiling, and Duo was absolutely beaming.

When Howard asked if anyone had any reason they should not be married, Relena stood up, but before she could say a word, all the guns in the room were trained toward her, and the voices rose in unison, "Shut up, Relena." The sight of the five young men in front of the altar, all drawing guns and turning in unison is one I won't forget.

I laughed inwardly as she became flustered and sat down. I wondered why they'd even invited her. Why'd they invite me, for that matter?


That idiot woman! I was positive no one had invited her, but I guess security wasn't up to keeping out the former Queen of the World. Hmph. As far as I was concerned, she had never been anything but an infernal nuisance, even if she had been on our side. Just like her brother - although her brother had more than made up for his earlier foolishness with his help during the Mariemaia incident.

I winced as I recalled my own ignoble role in that affair. For once, Zechs had been on the right side, which was part of the reason Heero and Duo had invited him to the wedding. That, and as Duo put it, "His sheer decorative value." I had to admit, the man was decorative. That long hair the color of winter sunlight, those bangs that begged to be brushed out of his blue eyes... Quatre nudged me slightly with his foot and I snapped my attention back to Howard, who was just starting on the vows.

"Do you, Duo, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold..."


Howard was talking about symbolism, about how a ring is an endless circle. Wufei didn't appear to be paying attention. Maybe he was still distracted by Relena's little outburst. I looked at him, and he appeared to be looking at me.

I was going to try to catch his eye, but Howard began the vows, and Wufei returned his attention to the happy couple.

"Do you, Duo, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?" Howard asked.

"I do," answered Duo.

He turned to Heero. "Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?"

"I do," responded Heero.


Waking up this morning, I had resigned myself to a day spent watching an extremely bouncy Duo glomp an extremely stoic Heero. I couldn't have been more wrong. As they pledged themselves to one another, both Duo and Heero stood completely still, hands clasped together, looking into each other's eyes with an intensity of emotion that made my own eyes sting. All of Duo's habitual cheerfulness had been supplanted by a fierce, singing joy that made every word of his vow vibrant, trembling on the edge of music. And Heero - I think he flew Wing with less focus than he was expending on Duo in this one moment.

My own wedding had been nothing like this. Just the traditional, millenia-old ceremony, the formal words binding our honor but not our hearts. Meiran and I were two separate people who never managed to meet in the middle. Duo and Heero were becoming two halves of the same whole, making the bridge of a battleship as sacred as any temple or cathedral on Earth. They were beautiful. What they were creating was beautiful. And seeing their joy made me yearn desperately for that sort of beauty for myself. For some reason, my eyes flickered back to Zechs.


I watched them take their vows, utterly absorbed in one another. They looked so happy. I decided it would be unseemly to brood about my own loneliness, at least for the duration of the ceremony. The reception was another matter.

I forced my focus back to the young men - my former enemies, coworkers, and - dare I think it? - friends. Quatre had finally torn his eyes off Trowa and was watching, with obvious tears in his eyes, Heero and Duo pledge their undying devotion to each other. I've never seen Trowa express emotion as blatantly as his lover, but I'd learned to read signs. He looked, as much as Trowa ever could, like he was going to burst with joy for his friends.

Then my eyes wandered to Wufei. For an instant our eyes met, then I looked away, focusing my attention back on Howard, who was now speaking. I wouldn't let traitorously hopeful thoughts cause me distress later.


Despite the sheer outrageousness of his robe, Howard had managed to dredge up an impressive air of dignity as he pronounced, " the authority vested in me by the Earth Sphere Alliance, I now pronounce you husband and husband." Then he grinned widely and cried, "You can smooch now!" Heero glared at him, but Duo grabbed his husband by the lapels and dragged him into an electrifying kiss that made Howard's mouth drop open in shock while the congregation cheered loudly. Trowa and Quatre had locked their eyes together, caught up in some private communication of their own.

Helpless to stop myself, I glanced back out into the crowd at Zechs. For just a second, I could see straight into his eyes, into the sorrow and loneliness hidden in those blue depths. Then it was gone, and the corner of his mouth twitched as he indicated the newlyweds with a slight nod of his head. The two were still locked together, and the crowd was starting to snicker just a bit. "Hey now, there's time enough for that later," Howard proclaimed, swatting Duo over the head. Duo pulled back, his eyes glazed.

"Huh? Oh yeah," he muttered hazily. Then he blinked, coming back to awareness. "Let's party!" he yelled, throwing his arms wide.


Duo kissed Heero with such passion that I couldn't bear to watch. All the loneliness of the past several years flooded over me, like waves over the head of one too deep in the ocean.

I looked away, inexplicably turning to gaze on Wufei. His obsidian eyes met mine, and I forced the depths of my sorrow behind a mask of amusement, as I indicated the two grooms still kissing.

With Duo's cry of "Let's party!" I retreated to the reception area. An "ahem" brought me to myself. I had almost forgotten Noin. Forcing a smile, I took her arm, and we took seats at the table nearest the wedding party.


The reception was somewhere between a party and a riot, and even the darkest soul would have been hard put to stay gloomy as Duo tried to pull Heero onto the dance floor (Heero, of course, was clinging to one of the pillars...). I began to suspect Duo of spiking the punch when Quatre tried to swing from the chandeliers. Howard appeared to be hitting on Lady Une, Sally Po was attempting to set ancient Chinese poetry to the tune of "Gilligan's Isle," and Hilde and Dorothy, of all people, were making up dirty limericks while wrapping Relena in toilet paper. And Zechs, of course, was dancing with Noin. I'd completely forgotten about her, but there she was, looking entirely beautiful and dancing gracefully in Zechs' arms as though she'd been there all her life.

As Trowa attempted a toast - "To Huo and Deero" - I retreated to a small side room, dark and unfurnished, with a large single window. I stared out, not even attempting to identify stars as I normally would, just staring. Even without conscious identification, I could pinpoint the exact spot where my colony had hung in the vast darkness. If I closed my eyes, I could still see the bright flash of the explosion that had taken every person I'd ever known, save the Gundam pilots. The four of them were my only friends, my only family. But something in me longed for more...


As I danced with Noin, my oldest still-living friend, I wondered how she felt, knowing that our relationship would never be more than that of friends. The music changed from fast to slow, and I sighed.

"Zechs, what's wrong? You've been like this all day."

"It's nothing. Nothing important, anyway."

She looked me in the eyes. "Listen, Zechs. I can tell you're brooding. I've known you long enough, and I've seen you in full brood enough times to know it." She led me off the dance floor to a small table where we could sit and talk.

I looked up at her, and I could see her concern. I had to tell her something, but what? That I was being miserable about Treize's death so many years ago? I tried to come up with something to say, but she started before I could form words.

"Is this about Treize still? You're hung up on him, aren't you? I bet he'd want you to move on."

I knew she was right, but being resigned to bitter loneliness was just so much easier and didn't require the effort of feigning interest.


"Wufei." The voice next to my ear made me leap into a fighting stance - how could I have not heard it coming? "Chill, Wu-chan. It's just me." I blinked. Duo? "Wufei - stop moping. I know you're lonely, but we're gonna work on that, okay? For right now, you still have your friends, and they would like to see you out there having a good time."

"Huh?" I asked intelligently. He sighed, and even in the dark I could tell he was rolling his eyes. Without warning, he took a step forward and folded me in his arms. I blinked and struggled a little, but he growled at me and I subsided, relaxing into the touch. It felt so good to be held like that, to have another human being surround me with his warmth and caring. It had been so long since anyone had hugged me, I had forgotten how good it felt. I brought my own arms up and returned the gesture.


Noin was waiting for me to say something. "You're right. I should get over it." I forced a half-smile and said, "I'll try." I hoped she believed me.

I surveyed the room, eyeing the minor chaos taking place. Quatre and Trowa were preparing for some sort of acrobatics act, and my sister was in a corner with Hilde and Dorothy, who were giving her some of the punch, which appeared to be affecting her, as she was a bit red and openly flirting with Dorothy. I'd never imagined her to want anyone but Heero...

Speaking of whom, where were Heero and Duo? I scanned the room again, and noted they were missing. I saw a familiar shock of hair in a doorway that led to another room.


Duo's warm, deep voice surrounded me in the dark. "Look, it doesn't take a genius to tell that you're lonely, okay? But you don't have to make yourself even more miserable by isolating yourself from your friends. We'll always be here for you, Wu." He kissed the top of my head.

I could feel my eyes stinging and tried to ignore it. "Hey, you should watch that. What would Heero think?" I joked feebly.

"Heero," came a nasal voice from behind me, "would think that it's about damn time." And another set of arms came around me, Heero's warm chest pressing up against my back. "We've been worried about you, but we've been so busy planning... I'm glad we finally got the chance to talk to you."


"Hush," said Duo. "Come on out and watch Trowa and Quatre do their trapeze act on the chandeliers. It's a riot."


"Yes?" they answered in unison.

"Why are there chandeliers on a battleship?"

"We could tell you, but then we'd have to kill you."


When Duo and Wufei emerged from the room behind the doorway Heero had been standing in, I must have gasped audibly, because Noin asked what was wrong.

My emphatic denial of there being a problem served only to increase her suspicion. Fortunately for me, Trowa started swinging from the chandeliers, and I was off the hook... until later.

Throughout the bizarre act, I tried to steal surreptitious looks at Wufei, who, thankfully, didn't seem to notice. Noin, however, seemed to, and was more than willing to play matchmaker. It took much effort, but I got her to promise not to do that. I sighed and walked over to the table where the cake was residing.

"When are you going to cut this thing?" I asked the baker.

"As soon as the young men are finished flying through the air."


As we wandered back into the main room, Trowa and Quatre were just starting to climb to the tops of the chandeliers, making them sway and creak ominously. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Zechs handing the baker what appeared to be a Snickers bar and caught that deep voice saying, "...not going anywhere for a while." Duo caught the direction of my glance and smiled wickedly.

"Well, well, well. I thought so," he murmured. He winked at Heero, who raised an eyebrow and smirked. "You know, Wu, I have it on good authority that he's single." I stared at the idiot.

"What about Noin?" I demanded as softly as I could. I wondered where she was; I couldn't see her anywhere in the room. Come to think of it, Lady Une and Howard had also vanished... I shuddered and stopped that train of thought as Heero snorted.

"Noin knows he doesn't swing that way. She gave up years ago," he informed me. "You know, I've always thought the two of you..."

"Heero..." I growled, and winced as one of the chandeliers let out another loud creak. "Uh, what's the weight limit on those things?" I asked. Duo frowned as he eyed the one nearest to us, from which Trowa was hanging by his toes. The acrobat's visible eye widened as one of the support cables snapped. Not wasting a second, he yelled a warning to the crowd and leapt down, rolling with the fall to prevent injury. A second later, the remaining cable snapped, sending the metal construction plunging... directly in the direction of the cake.


The squealing of tearing cable brought me to my senses. The chandelier was heading straight for me. The baker was astonished, but I alerted him so the cake wouldn't be destroyed. Fortunately, the table was on wheels - someone suffered from a good case of Forethought.

I realized that, due to helping save the cake, I was dangerously close to being on the receiving end of a flying chandelier. I had one option, and that was to flee. I looked for an opening. People had scattered away from the direction of Impending Doom, and I had several options.

I leapt to the left of where I'd been standing, instants before impact. I was surprised when 2 pairs of hands intercepted me and pulled me away. I looked up and saw that the hands belonged to Wufei and Duo.


Duo and I moved nearly in unison, swinging Zechs to the floor behind the table Heero had just tipped over. The deafening cacophony of shattering glass and shrieking metal clashed with the terrified screams of the guests for a moment; the chandelier scraped across the floor for a short distance with a tortured squeal before coming to a halt. Most of these people had good sense, and the screaming stopped almost immediately. I blinked over the edge of the table. The room was a mess, but no one appeared to be injured.

"Well, that's what you get for spiking the punch, Duo," Zechs commented dryly, and I abruptly realized that my hand was still tightly grasping his wrist. I released it immediately, cursing the heat creeping up my cheeks.

"I didn't, actually," the braided one replied. Duo grinned at Zechs as Heero slowly flushed, and the two of us stared at the newlyweds in dawning astonishment. "Heero! You didn't!" I gasped. He just blushed harder. Suddenly, I couldn't take it any more. Excess adrenaline, all my moroseness, and this sudden revelation, all escaped from me in an unquenchable fit of unseemly giggles.

Duo snickered. Heero's mouth twitched. Zechs attempted to cover his mouth with his hand, then gave up as all four of us began rolling around in hysterical laughter, tears rolling down our faces. "Well," Heero gasped out, "Duo said it wouldn't be a good party unless *something* got destroyed."

"I suppose we should be glad it wasn't the Peacemillion," Zechs said, still chuckling. Duo grinned, then frowned.

"Hey, is Trowa all right?" He dragged Heero up and wandered off to look for the other pilots, leaving me lying on the floor, inches away from the sexiest man I knew. Zechs slowly turned his head until his brilliant blue eyes met mine.


Before Duo dragged Heero off to search for Trowa, he gave me a look that said "Go on... you know you want to." I blinked at his retreating form and turned my head to face Wufei.

Our eyes met, and I noticed a slight flush creeping up his cheeks. I smiled, hopefully reassuringly, and reached out to brush a stray tendril of hair from his eyes. His look of grateful confusion sparked memories.

I was younger, about 14, and Treize had called me into his office. I didn't know why, and I'd expected the worst. "Milliardo," he'd said, "please, take off your mask." Confused, I removed it, and my bangs fell into my eyes. He stepped forward and brushed them gently out of my eyes, then pulled me close for a kiss.

Brushing away the memory, I tentatively put my hand on the back of Wufei's neck, gently drawing him closer into what I hoped would be an embrace.


I couldn't identify the expression on Zechs' face; it seemed made up of equal parts longing, confusion, and something else... his hand brushing through my hair made me catch my breath on a spark of desire. What was he *doing* to me? Then his hand moved to my neck, pulling me closer.

A wash of cold went through me, and I found I could no more pull away from this moment than I could jump up and fly. My eyes closed and my arm slid loosely around his waist as his lips met mine. I had never felt such a tender, light caress in my life. Just a brush of his lips across mine and I was gone, my mind dazed and fuzzy, my body in full control.

He pulled away slightly and I pulled him back with a small sound, nibbling gently on his lower lip. He ran his tongue across my upper lip, teasing, questing, and I parted my lips in silent invitation, longing to feel that wet heat in my mouth. He slid his tongue over mine, twining them together, and pulled me body tightly against his. It wasn't hard to tell what both of our bodies were demanding.


I hadn't expected him to react so passionately. His lips parted, pleading for my invasion. My tongue met his, and I felt my heart increase its pace. I drew him close. I felt his pulse quickening under my touch. He seemed to want it as badly as I did.

A voice floated over the table. "Hey, lovebirds, we're getting ready to cut the cake."

We pulled back simultaneously, color rising on both of our faces. I wondered how long he'd been standing there.

"Thanks, Duo. Did you find Trowa?" I tried to keep my voice steady, but part of me wanted to choke him for interrupting. I hadn't loosened my hold on Wufei, but he didn't seem to be protesting.

"Yeah, he's okay. Jumped down right before the thing took off and landed on Howard."

I looked at him, puzzled.

"Howard passed out. I guess he had too much punch." His eyes sparkled, and his face looked a little flushed. Maybe he'd had a little of the punch... How long had he been standing there, anyway?

Wufei stirred in my arms. The blush that had crept up his face at our discovery had faded, and he was moving into a sitting position. "I'd never have taken you for a voyeur, Maxwell."

I suppressed a smirk and drew myself into a sitting position as well, hoping that my unsatisfied desire wasn't too evident.


Duo, still flushed, grinned at me unrepentantly. "Hey, if two beautiful men were kissing at *your* wedding reception, you'd be watching too." I snorted and willed my body to subside. Fortunately, my pants were fairly loose and the sudden shock of Duo's appearance had cooled me down a little. Zechs, I could tell, was having slightly more difficulty. Duo was eyeing him with evident appreciation, licking his lips slightly.

"Duo, stop that," I snapped, and he fluttered his eyelashes at me. Zechs snickered and we both climbed to our feet. Zechs' pants were definitely - expanded.

"Maybe if you stood *right* behind Wufei, no one would notice," Duo said, his eyes sparkling with mischief. I glared at him, but he just wrinkled his nose at me and skipped back off towards the cake. Zechs sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Go on," he said. "I'll be there in a minute." I nodded, flushing slightly, and came out into the open, treading carefully around the shards of glass scattered all over the floor. The cake had survived, thanks to Zechs, but the baker was evidently ready to flee the premises. As I drew nearer, I realized that the cake was topped with miniature versions of Wing Zero and Deathscythe Hell standing under a plastic trellis and surrounded by colorful flowers of icing.

The guests slowly pooled around the cake as Heero and Duo prepared to slice into the bottom layer with a miniature thermal scythe. I felt a warm presence at my back. My body tingled as Zechs murmured into my ear, "Is it just me, or are the Gundams holding hands?"

"I think Duo's been a bit of an influence on Heero," I explained, grinning as the newlyweds gleefully smashed cake into one another's faces.


"I see," I responded. Smashing cake in one's lover's face always seemed a bit ... inelegant, but they looked like they were enjoying it. The baker started cutting cake for everyone else.

I walked over to the table and picked up two slices of cake. The baker thanked me for helping save the cake.

"Not a problem. I didn't want to see this outstanding piece of work go to waste."

He grinned at me, his ego obviously inflating. I wondered if he would add into his brochures the comment "Outstanding piece of work" - Milliardo Peacecraft.

I returned to Wufei and handed him a piece of cake.

"You didn't get forks."

"I know." I broke off a piece and offered it to him.

He smiled and took the piece of proffered cake in his mouth, gently sucking the sticky crumbs and frosting from my fingers. He offered me a bite of cake, which I took, then longingly drew each finger into my mouth.

We repeated this until the pieces of cake were gone, and by that time I was flush with desire. I looked toward the room whence Wufei and Duo had emerged earlier.


I couldn't believe I was doing this, openly teasing this beautiful man in full view of everyone in the room. Flashes of heat and cold were alternating up my spine as he gently scraped his teeth along my index finger, circling it with his tongue. I met his eyes and saw that the pupils were almost wholly dilated, leaving almost none of the iris showing. He glanced back towards the small side room and I swallowed back a moan.

We manuevered our way through the tables, trying to make sure we weren't *too* obvious, stepping over Howard, making our way around the smashed chandelier, and finally reaching the dark doorway. We slid the door shut behind us, and abruptly the only light in the room came from the countless stars and the edge of the Earth showing at the far right of the window.

Zechs slid his arms around my waist and whispered, "I don't know what's wrong with me. I've never been so forward." I shook my head at him and reached up to pull his lips down to mine. His arms tightened around me as our tongues met, dueling, teasing; I could taste the sugary frosting in his mouth and suckled on his tongue to get more of the taste. He moaned, and I unbuttoned his suit coat and slid it off his shoulders, letting it fall. His tie quickly followed, and I could feel him breathe in sharply as I began to unbutton his shirt, nipping at the revealed hollow of his neck.


The whisper of teeth against my throat sent shivers of pleasure through my body. I raised my hands and removed his tuxedo jacket, dropping it carelessly on the floor behind him. I leaned down and placed a kiss on his neck, right below his ear, before removing the tie, which landed on the floor somewhere near the jacket.

He had finished unbuttoning my shirt and was placing hot kisses on my chest while he untucked it and pushed it off my arms. I wrapped my arms around his waist and ducked my head to gently nip his earlobe. I found the buckle holding the vest around his waist and released it. Formal wear requires so much extra effort in removal... I pulled the vest off over his head and tossed it into the pile.

I unbuttoned his collar, then slowly undid each button on his shirt, placing a kiss on each bit of newly- exposed flesh until I got to the waistband. I could sense his hardness under the loose pants. I untucked his shirt and pushed the sleeves down his arms, planting a kiss on the inside of each elbow while I let the shirt fall to the floor.


A low moan escaped me as his lips brushed against the sensitive skin of my inner arms. I couldn't believe how wanton I was being; I barely even knew the man! Still, the loneliness that had been plaguing me for so many years was being overwhelmed with every caress, and I couldn't seem to stop myself from reaching out for this basic, primal human connection.

Somehow we had fallen to our knees amidst the pile of clothing, his hands tracing intricate patterns on my chest as my lips found one of his nipples and teased it erect. He hissed and pulled me sharply to him, kissing me in a wild mating of lips and tongues. I pulled my mouth away from his to run my tongue up his jawline to his ear, nibbling lightly at his earlobe and tracing the delicate rim.

His hands slid lightly down my back to cup the curves of my ass, and I gasped aloud, swamped with sudden heat. I reached for his belt and slowly, deliberately, began to undo the buckle, feeling his attention sharply on my every movement. He was trembling as I unbuttoned his trousers and pulled down the zipper, working his pants down his hips to pool around his knees. His erection was straining against the silk of his boxers, and I could see a dark stain spreading at the tip. I smiled with enough mischief to match Shinigami at his finest, and reached out with one hand to caress the sharply defined bulge that marked the head.


Gods! I felt myself shiver at the touch of his hand on a part of me that hadn't known another's touch for years. I moaned, my breath leaving my body as a hoarse whisper. /Treize,/ I thought. I forced the traces of memory down, back into the past where they belonged. I hoped they'd remain quiet.

He was tracing my nipples with his tongue, periodically nipping them with his teeth, as well as stroking my erection. The feel of the silk against my skin...

I gathered enough thought to unfasten his belt and undo his pants, revealing him to be in a similar state of arousal. When my hand reached the top of his inner thigh - teasingly close to his erection - he stopped. I shifted my weight forward, pushing him below me on the floor.


We tumbled into our cast-off clothing, his weight pressing down on me, protecting me from my own fears and doubts. His body was radiating so much heat I could barely feel the chill of the floor. As he tilted his head and began to kiss me again, I reached to tease his nipples. He pulled his mouth away from mine and began to nip his way down my neck.

I couldn't reach his boxers from my position. With a growl and a move I learned when I was ten, I flipped him over and straddled his hips, pulling his pants the rest of the way off, then removing his boxers. In the light from the planet he looked like something from a fairy tale, so beautiful that it was impossible for him to be human. His hair was spread out beneath him like a pale golden aura. His lips were damp and swollen, slightly parted, and his eyes were glazed.

I was caught, staring, unable to move or even breathe. A sudden buck of his hips ground our erections together, and as the sparks behind my eyes died I regained my ability to move. I ran my tongue lightly down the side of his neck, traced his Adam's apple, then began kissing my way down his chest. When my lips found his nipple he arched his back, whimpering, and lifted his hips again.


In a surprising twist, I was on my back, naked, under the Chinese man. I bucked my hips up to meet him, returning his attention to our desires. As he kissed me from neck to chest to nipple, I lost myself in pleasure momentarily, moving with a sensuality I'd not had chance to use for years.

I felt his erection against my stomach, next to mine, and I moved my body to create friction that I knew would be welcome to both of us. We moaned, practically in unison. I wrapped my arms around his back. He retraced the path he had taken down my neck back up, stopping at the earlobe, which he took in his teeth and bit gently.

I dragged one fingernail down the length of his spine and back up. I heard him whimper softly in my ear. I rolled us onto our sides, then pushed him gently onto his back while I leaned next to him, propped on one elbow. My lips followed a path from his mouth, down his neck, past his chest, and stopping just below his navel.


Every touch, every caress ran down my nerves like fire to the burning ache between my legs. His lips reached my navel just as his hands began to slip my pants further down. He let the tiniest edge of his fingers trail against my skin, following the path of the cloth, and dipped his tongue into my navel at the same time. "Zechs!" It was dangerously close to a scream; my body was demanding more...

Finally my pants joined the rest of our discarded clothing, and Zechs ran his fingertips lightly back up my legs to rest on my hips. I whimpered, begging without words for his mouth to move lower. "Wufei," he rasped. "Look at me." I looked down the length of my body, stared into those eyes, unable to tear myself away from the intensity of his gaze. His hair was a torment against my over-sensitized skin, teasing without surcease. He kept his eyes locked to mine as he moved his head down to place a single, soft kiss directly on the head of my sex.

"Zechs!" This time it was a scream; I could only hope that Peacemillion's soundproofed walls were up to the task. He ran his tongue across the slit, and that wet line of pure sensation broke the connection; I threw my head back, whimpering. My eyes were closed, but his afterimage was burned against the dark; pale hair, pale face, burning eyes, light made into flesh. His mouth began to kiss its way down my length, and suddenly I could no longer breathe...


I kissed him along the length of his hardness, darting my tongue out to trace circles around its circumference. He whimpered my name, begging for more. I smiled to myself and withdrew my attentions. A frustrated gasp came from his lips, and I turned my ministrations to the inside of his thigh, teasing his balls with a finger.

I placed gentle kisses along his thigh, down, and in the back of his knee, all the while tracing patterns around his groin with a finger. When I arrived at his knee, I drew my finger back toward the small opening. He moaned and bucked his hips slightly.

I retraced my path up to his erection, kissing along the shaft up to its head. When I reached the top, I traced circles around it with the tip of my tongue before taking it inside my mouth.


Through the roaring tempest of pleasure I managed to decipher what Zechs was silently asking with that questing finger. "Pants," I managed to gasp out. "Pocket." I couldn't surpress a desperate moan when his mouth vanished, and opened my eyes to see him dig inquiringly into the pockets of my cast-off pants. I was rewarded with the startled raising of his eyebrows as he pulled out a tube of unopened lubricant. He looked at me inquiringly. "Duo," I admitted ruefully, and he burst out laughing.

"If you can still laugh," I informed him as I pulled him down, "I'm doing something wrong." With that, I pushed him onto his side and slid my parted lips down his ribs. His laughter abruptly ceased. I dipped my tongue into his belly button and looked up to see him raised on his elbows, panting slightly, watching me just as intently as he had before. I smiled at him and did to him what he'd done to me, locking my eyes on his as I swirled my tongue around the head of his member, pulling it into my mouth and suckling lightly, then nibbling on it with moist lips.

His breathing became harsher as I continued teasing him, and his hips began to move involuntarily. His eyes finally slid closed, and a light sheen of sweat gleamed on his skin. Still, he wasn't as far gone as I had been; I had to prove to myself that I could do to him what he'd done to me. In a sudden burst of inspiration, I engulfed as much of him as I could, relaxing my throat muscles and sucking hard.


I almost screamed when I felt his warm, moist throat and mouth contract around me. I put all my weight on one elbow and reached down, untied the short band holding his hair back, then ran my fingers through his dark locks, twining longer strands around my fingers.

I had no idea how long I'd last under these conditions. After all, I'd been practically celibate for several years, and I was afraid it would be like that first time.

"Wufei," I groaned, "gods..." I couldn't resist any longer, and as I felt myself shudder in release and warm pleasure washed over me, I realized truly how much I'd missed contact with another person. When I heard him moan shortly after I'd finished, I guessed what his other hand had been up to.

I pulled him up to me and folded him in my arms. I nibbled his earlobe, traced the outline of his ear with my tongue, and planted kisses just below his jaw. I held him close, relishing the warmth of his body, the softness of his skin, and the fact that there simply *was* someone there to hold.


Damn, he hadn't screamed. Well, maybe next time. I wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my head in the curve between his shoulder and neck, sighing. Tension I hadn't even been aware of drained out of my muscles. Zechs yawned widely, surprising both of us. "This would not be the best place to sleep," he murmured into my ear. "Perhaps we should retire?"

"My room is just around the corner," I told him. "And I think there's another door out of this room... I don't know about you, but I don't want to go back out there looking like - well -" He coughed discreetly, relieving me from the burden of having to fully explain what I meant. We reluctantly disengaged from each other, pulling clothes on as best we could in the semi-dark. Neither one of us seemed willing to look at the other; I could feel my face burning.

In a few moments we were dressed and out of the side door into the corridor. "I feel bad leaving the reception without saying anything," Zechs said as we rapidly approached my door.

"Don't worry about it. They'll - um - figure it out," I told him, still flushing as I opened the door to the small room I had been assigned. We stepped through and the door swished shut behind us. Before I could even reach for the light switch, the light by the bed clicked on.

"What kept you?" asked Duo, grinning broadly as Heero pulled his hand away from the lamp.


My jaw almost dropped to the floor when I saw Duo lounging on Wufei's bunk, grinning like mad. I flicked my glance to Heero, and his face was hiding a smirk. I turned to Wufei.

"Well, I guess we don't need to worry about telling them we're leaving the reception."

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