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Insubordination DeaYza, 17.
A secret santa fic DeaYza, 15.
Kitty DeaYza, 15. One of the LJ 50 plotbunnies.
Confessions DeaYza, 15. Another of the plbtbunnies.

When Yzak moved into his apartment, a cat adopted him. She waltzed through the front door like a queen and made herself comfortable on one of the chairs. Yzak found her sitting there and tried to shoo her out the door, but she wouldn't go. So he ignored her in hopes that she would give up and go away. Quite the opposite: she curled up with him when he went to sleep that night. In the morning, he gave in and went to the pet supply store.

Dearka's first meeting with Kitty was rather inauspicious. He opened the door, unknowing that Kitty lurked behind it. He tripped over the cat, sending her into a wall. He tried apologizing to her – even offering her treats – but Kitty sulked in her chair.

"You didn't mention you'd got a cat."

"I didn't get a cat," Yzak said.

"What's that, then?"

"Kitty. She lives here, apparently."

"Right. You still could have mentioned it, though."

Dearka generally liked cats, and small, furry creatures seemed to like him. Kitty was the first cat who outright hated him. Whenever he went to Yzak's (which was fairly often, because his job didn't pay enough for him to move out, and he wasn't sure he could live with Yzak in a one-bedroom apartment), Kitty growled and hissed at him, then sulked on her chair.

One time, he thought she had almost warmed up to him. Kitty walked over to him, and he held his hand out for her to sniff. She sniffed it, all right. Then she sank her teeth into the fleshy bit by his thumb to hold it still while she raked claws down his arm.

Yzak had empathy enough to apologize while he made use of the antiseptic. "She didn't break the skin here," he added, indicating the thumb area. "That's good, because cat bites can be nasti.[1]"

"Thanks," Dearka mumbled. "I wish I knew why your cat hates me so much. I mean, most cats get over the whole stepping on thing eventually."

"I don't know. She was here when I moved in. Maybe a former owner looked like you, and she didn't like him."

"It makes it hard for me to consider living here, you know? It would almost be like living with your mother." Dearka cringed.

"She doesn't hate you. She just wishes you were a girl."

Dearka glowered at him. "That's just as bad."

Kitty continued waging a war of attrition against Dearka. She would scratch and meow at the door all night, which would break the mood and keep them awake. She left a hairball in one of his shoes.

"Dammit, Yzak, your cat is driving me insane." He cleaned out his shoes carefully and vowed to put them in the closet next time.

Yzak nodded. "Kitty, you can't do that. It's not nice."

Dearka rolled his eyes and waited for Yzak to go back to the little dinette table before crouching down in front of the smugly perched Kitty. "Look, cat, I have nothing against you. I don't know why you hate me, but you're just going to have to deal with me, because I'm not going anywhere, and I don't think Yzak's getting rid of you. I'll leave you alone if you leave me alone. Deal?"

Kitty cocked her head, yawned and stretched, and jumped down. She flicked her tail as she stalked away, as if to say, "Stupid human."

It seemed to work, though. Kitty ignored him, and they tried letting her in to sleep one night. Yzak had bought her a kitty bed (it even had "Kitty" embroidered on the side), and she slept in it all night.

Dearka still avoided petting her.

One day, Yzak found an old photograph in the bottom of a drawer. It had the date 8/71 written on the back. He was shocked when he turned it over: it was his mother and Dearka's father, and Kitty perched on Ezaria's shoulder. The realtor had mentioned the former occupants not being there much, he recalled. And it explained a few things, anyway.

He hit the speed dial on his phone. "Dearka, you'll never guess what I found..."

1: Moose bites can also be nasti. A moose once bit my sister, you know.

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