Gundam Seed fiction

Insubordination DeaYza, 17.
A secret santa fic DeaYza, 15.
Kitty DeaYza, 15. One of the LJ 50 plotbunnies.
Confessions DeaYza, 15. Another of the plbtbunnies.

"Yzak, it's me," Dearka called through the closed door. "Unlock the door, will you?"

The door slid open. Yzak glowered on the other side of it.

"You'll get wrinkles if you're not careful."

"Who asked you?" Yzak growled as he locked the door behind Dearka.

Dearka sat on the couch. "Sit over here, Yzak." He gestured to the floor in front of him. Yzak grumbled, but he sat down. Dearka unbuttoned the tall, stiff collar of Yzak's uniform coat and slid it off his shoulders. His hands worked over Yzak's muscles, loosening knots.

"You seem more stressed than usual," Dearka commented, when his thumb ran over a particularly tight muscle.

"Hmm," Yzak murmured.

"Chairman Dullndal's announcement seems to have stirred the nest a bit."

"Mmm," Yzak murmured. "Ooh, there. Yeeeesss."

Dearka smiled. He enjoyed the relaxed Yzak he was able to see in private. He slipped his hand around to Yzak's chest and brushed his nipple through his cotton undershirt.

"Mmm," Yzak murmured. "Do that again."

"Anything you say, Commander Jule," he whispered into Yzak's ear.

Yzak hissed as Dearka's hands slid under his shirt, callused fingers rough against the soft skin of his torso. "Dearka!"

"Yes, Commander?" Dearka whispered, pinching a nipple between thumb and forefinger.

Yzak tilted his head back to rest on Dearka's knee. "As you were."

Dearka grinned. He pressed his lips to Yzak's exposed throat, licked it up to the joint of his jaw. The deep creases around Yzak's eyes softened, his lips curving up slightly.

"Elthman." His voice was soft and rough.

"Commander?" Dearka's lips formed every syllable against Yzak's ear.

"I'm coming up there." He raised his arm, and Dearka lifted him up. Yzak lay with his head pillowed on Dearka's lap, while Dearka stroked his hair. Yzak's hand rested lazily on Dearka's knee. "Dearka?"

"Yes, Yzak?"

"Do you love me?"


"Show me."

Dearka let his hand wander down Yzak's hip, around to his cock. He moved around Yzak, slipped his shirt over his head, and deftly unzipped the fly on his uniform trousers. He knelt over Yzak on the couch and kissed all the places that made Yzak moan: nipples, throat, lips, the curve just above his hip. His hand stroked Yzak's cock, eliciting sharp gasps.

"Dearka, please!"

"Is that an order, Commander Jule?"

"Damn you, yes," Yzak panted, pushing Dearka's head down his body. When Dearka's mouth closed around his cock, he involuntarily arched his back and moaned quietly. Dearka's finger pressed against the opening of his ass, and Yzak groaned. "Mmm, fuck me," he said. "And that's an order."

Dearka stepped out of his pants and took the tube from the drawer of the end table. He spread the thick gel over his erection and knelt back over Yzak. He pulled Yzak's trousers off and tossed them onto the floor. He leaned forward and kissed Yzak, pushing his tongue between parted lips. He pressed his cock into Yzak's body.

"Dearka!" Yzak guided Dearka's hand to his cock. They moved together, well-practiced motions between bodies that knew each other well, reaching climax almost together.

Dearka lay facing Yzak, arms and legs entwined, in a blissful daze.

"Dearka?" Yzak whispered.


"I love you, too."

Dearka smiled and opened his eyes, "I know."

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