Happy Phantom SPOILERS: end of series. 200 words. 13
Scars SPOILERS: end of series. 13.
Happy Phantom

and if i die today, i'll be the happy phantom

Vincent sat on the edge of the cliff where they had marked Alex's grave and drank a cup of coffee. Another cup sat on the ground next to the headstone.

"You know, this isn't how I'd imagined things would work out." He took a swig from his cup. "It's ironic. We achieved your goal, but you're not here to see the world without the Guild."

He sighed. "Were you able to get your revenge, before the end? Did you kill Delphine or did we?" A gentle breeze rippled happily through the grass.

He took another drink. "Forgive her. She loves you, you know. I love you." The breeze blew gently again, like fingers through his hair. He leaned back and let the wind play across his body.

"Did you find her, Alex? Was she waiting when you died? I hope you did." He finished his coffee and stood up. "I brought you something." He bent over and picked up the other cup, then flung its contents into the air.

The breeze warmed considerably, and Vincent felt it swirl around him. He thought he heard it whisper as he turned to go, "Thank you, old friend," and a woman's soft laughter.

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