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Dearka drank another. He glowered at the glass in his hand: the liquor it held was the same color as Miriallia's hair. He drained it, signaled the bartender again, but the barkeep shook his head.

"You've had enough, friend. Your sorrows look pretty thoroughly drowned. Go sleep it off," he said, taking payment from the card Dearka offered.

Dearka frowned and stumbled off. He made it as far as a bench across the street before deciding he needed some assistance finding his way home. It was getting dark. He pulled his phone out of his pocket, focused hard at it, and hit a speed dial. He thought it was the right one.

"Hello?" Yzak's voice came through.

"Yzak? I can't find home."

"Are you drunk, Dearka?"

"I think so. I feel fuzzy."

"Where are you?"

"On a bench. In the park. Sort of." He looked around. "There's a sign. It says "George Glenn" on it."

"Don't move," Yzak snapped. "I'm coming to get you." Before Dearka could respond, Yzak flipped his phone closed.

After what seemed like an eternity, Yzak stood scowling in front of Dearka, who attempted to focus, but mostly wound up looking cross-eyed. "I can't believe you. God," Yzak snarled. "Come with me." He held out his hand.

Dearka took it. "Where we going? Home?"

"My home. It's closer." Yzak wasn't even sure his friend could make it as far as across George Glenn Park. He ignored the stares of people walking past. Dearka didn't notice.

Once Yzak had gotten Dearka safely to his mother's home and they were sitting in Yzak's room with the door shut, he asked, "What's wrong?"


"I noticed. Why?"

"Oh. Stupid Natural girl said I'm not good enough for her. Or something."

"Natural girl? Oh, that Miri-whatever." Yzak frowned.

"Miriallia." Dearka gazed cross-eyed toward Yzak. "She was the only person who was nice to me on that ship.""So she dumped you."


Yzak eyed Dearka's empty water glass. "Let me go refill that." He carried the glass down the hall to the kitchen. When Dearka didn't return from that battle, a part of Yzak had gone numb. Facing Dearka on Mendel Colony an odd Dearka, saying strange things briefly reawakened it. After the war ended, Yzak swore he'd not leave things unsaid. Then that girl came into the picture and ruined it for him. Yzak wasn't sure this was the right time for him to make any confessions.

Yzak carried the refilled glass back to his room. Dearka wasn't there. He couldn't have gone far, Yzak thought.

"Had to piss," Dearka drawled, stepping through the open door.

"Feeling better?" Yzak handed him the glass.

"Less fuzzy. Not sure that's better."

"Can the self-pity. It doesn't look good on you," Yzak growled.

"That's what I like about you, Yzak. You say what you mean." Dearka slid the door shut behind him and flicked Yzak's hair as he walked past him to sit in the armchair.

"It would never have worked out, anyway. PLANT would never allow it." Yzak sat in the other armchair.

"Yeah." Dearka sighed. "Is there room for love in our world?"

"I hope there is."

"Did you know? Back on earth, centuries ago, parents would arrange marriages for their children, based on value of property. On their value as property. Look how far we've come! We live in space, but marriages are still arranged based on genetic value!"

Oh, great. He's a philosopher-drunk, Yzak thought.

"Can you have love in an arranged marriage? Would you grow to love that person, eventually? Did my mother love my father? If they tell me I'm going to marry some girl, would I be able to love her? Is love even necessary?"

"Maybe you'll be matched with someone you'd like," Yzak said half-heartedly.

"I doubt it. The person I'd like is strictly off limits."

"That Natural girl, you mean?"

"No, dammit. I mean you." Dearka, drunken flush deepening a shade, stared into the glass.

Yzak inhaled sharply. "Dearka..."

Dearka set the glass on the table and stood up, turning toward the door.

Yzak grabbed his arm. "To hell with their rules!" Yzak pulled Dearka toward him and kissed him roughly. Tripping over the chair, and knocking over the water, they landed on Yzak's bed.

"I never knew," Dearka said, pinned gleefully under Yzak.

"I never said. And I thought I'd never get the chance to, when you didn't come back with Athrun that time." Yzak kissed him again, as if making up for lost time.

Dearka smiled. "I'm sleepy. Can I stay here?"

"As long as you like." Yzak stood up to let Dearka rest, but Dearka pulled him back down.

"Snuggle," Dearka demanded.

Yzak complied.


"So, why did she dump you?" Yzak asked, tangled blissfully in Dearka's arms.

"She decided it would never work out. And that she'd never be able to compete with, oh, how did she put it, 'that Yzak girl.'"

Yzak gave a look that would have curdled new milk. "Girl? Tell me you corrected her."

"I did. 'Yzak's my friend from the army. He's pretty, but he's no girl.' Then she said, 'Well, that explains a lot. Have fun.'"


"And she got up and left."

"Then you went out and got plastered."

"Yeah. But it got me here, so it all worked out in the end."

Yzak agreed.

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