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Snow Day Jin/Hwo, NC-17: explicit sexual situations
Triangles Jin/Hwo/Steve, NC-17: explicit sexual situations
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"Run," Jin said, shoving Hwoarang away from the car they hid behind, before it exploded in a ball of yellow flame.

Hwoarang crouched behind a cement wall. "Shit." He looked at Jin. "Thanks. I guess I owe you one now."

Jin gave him a puzzled look. "If you insist." He stood and walked toward an exit, motioning Hwoarang to follow him. As they walked along a deserted avenue, Jin asked, "Do you have anywhere to go?"

Hwoarang thought a moment. "If the army found me down there, they probably know where I was staying." He sighed loudly. "I should at least go and make sure the old man's place wasn't trashed, and repay him if it was. Then I guess I'll find someplace else to go."

Jin nodded thoughtfully. "I'll walk with you."

Hwoarang raised an eyebrow questioningly. "You don't have to, you know."

"I know. There might be army men at your place."

"Good point, Kazama." He turned down a side street. "I've been staying in a hotel, and it's this way."

They walked in silence, until Jin remarked, "Sergeant, huh? I didn't think you had it in you."

"Not willingly, I assure you," Hwoarang said. "I was drafted after the last tournament. Bastards cut my hair, but they couldn't stop me from bleaching it." He smirked. "So, what did you do the last two years? You had some new moves, I noticed."

"I went to Australia and learned karate," he stated.

"Huh? You already knew karate."

"Not real karate. I have distanced myself from the Mishima family and their fighting style," Jin said firmly. "Where is this hotel you've been staying in? This is a very expensive neighborhood."

"I've been staying in a ryokan. The owner is a kind old man, and the food's great." Hwoarang's lopsided grin turned into a victorious smirk. "I won the tournament, remember? Mishima Enterprises was mine, until I sold it."

"Who bought it?"

"Some other guy in the tournament. He called himself Violet, and he seemed very interested in the company." He shrugged.

Hwoarang led Jin into the office of the ryokan. The owner smiled warmly. "You're back! A group of military men were here looking for you before. I told them you had gone out."

"Did they break anything?"

"No, nothing."

"Great. I'll go get my things. They'll probably come back looking for me, and I don't want to inconvenience you any further."

Jin followed him to the small room. "Do you have much to carry?"

Hwoarang looked up from packing a large duffel bag. "Nah, just this. I didn't bring much with me. Makes it easier to move out in a hurry."

"Do you have any idea where you'll go tonight?"

Hwoarang shrugged. "Not really. I can find a cheap hotel in a seedy part of town easily enough and look for an apartment or something. Going back home isn't looking like an option anymore."

"I have a spare futon," Jin said casually. "The apartment's small, but it wouldn't be too bad for a few days."

Hwoarang frowned. The thought of seeing Jin again, of defeating him, had brought him to Japan for the tournament, and he'd done both. Surprising both himself and Jin, he answered, "Sure. For a couple days." He shouldered his duffel and said forecfully, "But I'll pay you rent, because I won't be indebted to you. It's bad enough I owe you for saving my hide back there."

"It's no problem," Jin said.

Following Jin back to his apartment, Hwoarang asked, "Why did you help me out back there?"

Jin smiled sheepishly. "You're a good fighter, and it'd be a shame to lose your talent." A shame to lose Hwoarang, Jin found himself thinking. He didn't understand why seeing Hwoarang made him feel shy; he just knew that he didn't want him to leave.

Hwoarang smiled, a broad grin that lit his eyes. "You really think so? Thanks."

Jin stopped in front of a modest building and unlocked a door. "It's not much, but it's home," he said, stepping out of his shoes in the doorway and flicking on a light.

Hwoarang followed him inside and dropped his bag just inside the door. "Are you kidding? This is a fucking palace compared to where I lived back home." He slid out of his shoes and dropped onto a floor cushion.

Jin stared at him. An hour ago, Hwoarang had wanted nothing more than to kick his ass, and now he was making himself at home in the middle of Jin's living room. "Do you want anything to drink?" he asked, standing in the doorway to the kitchen.

"Got any beer?"

"No," Jin apologized. "I don't drink alcohol."

"Then anything cold'll do fine." He scanned the small room. There were a few ukiyo-e prints and some calligraphy on the walls, a few trinkets on shelves, but little else in the way of decoration. The only things on the floor were a scattering of cushions and a low table -- he'd had a feeling Kazama'd be a neat freak. He smiled to himself. It had been a strange day, all in all. He hadn't thought, when he went to meet Jin that evening, that he'd wind up crashing on Jin's living room floor because the army had decided to try to get him back for a court martial. He'd definitely not expected to find that he'd wanted to go back to Jin's apartment.

His musing was cut off when Jin placed a glass of water on the table in front of him, and sat awkwardly on the other side of the table with his own glass of water. He'd felt a strange nervousness when Hwoarang's note had arrived in his mailbox asking him to meet in the underground parking lot. He'd seen Hwoarang in the tournament, but they hadn't fought.

"I'll buy some food tomorrow," Hwoarang stated. "I'll start looking for a place, too." He stretched his legs out under the table, and his foot brushed Jin's thigh. He drew it back, mumbling, "Sorry."

Jin nodded. He sat in silence for a while, drinking. There was a strange tension between them, an awkward silence. He nearly jumped when Hwoarang broke it.

"So, what do you do? I mean, how do you pay for this place?"

"I haven't lived here very long, and I haven't had much time to get a job since I came back. But my mom had some money put aside for me, so I've been using that and looking for a job. I put in an application at a dojo, and I should be hearing from them soon." Jin almost looked embarrassed.

"Sounds like fun." Another tense silence. "Why are you offering to help me? I've spent the past two years practicing to beat you, and I did. So why?"

Jin's forehead creased. "Because I want to." His thoughts about Hwoarang over the past two years had not been of competition or revenge, but of desire and lust. And now that he had an opportunity to act, cruel fate had another idea. "Because your talent would be wasted on fools like those army men."

Hwoarang frowned. Though his burning need to win had been sated, he felt hollow. He had been excited when he'd heard of the tournament so he could fight Jin and defeat him, but had that been all? He'd had more than one wet dream involving Jin and had fantasized on occasion, even the previous night, about Jin's strong arms and firm ass. And tonight, Jin would be sleeping in the next room. He felt his groin stir at the thought.

At the same time, Jin wanted to feel Hwoarang's body in his arms, under him, but he was afraid to act. "Do you want a bath?"

"Sure. You can go first. It's your apartment after all."

Jin shook his head. "I just need a quick shower before bed." He took a chance. "You can wash off before me and take your bath while I shower." They were both men, he reasoned, and Hwoarang had probably had to use communal showers in the army, so he might go for it. There was also the opportunity to get a good look at Hwoarang, he decided.

A similar line of reasoning went through Hwoarang's mind, and he agreed.

Hwoarang filled the bath while he showered, and he called Jin when he finished and sank into the tub.

"It's not as nice as the ryokan, I bet," Jin said, casually casting his eyes on Hwoarang's naked form. He turned the shower hose on and started washing.

"Not quite, no. But a bath is a bath." This one has a nice view, he thought, getting a good look at Jin's back side, which looked as nice as he'd imagined. He felt his cock harden and hoped Jin wouldn't turn around, yet almost wished he would. His eyes focused on Jin's body, collecting images for later.

Jin turned off the water and hung the shower head on its hook. "Are you planning on being in here long?" He cast a glance at the bath and restrained himself from staring.

"The water's still warm, so yeah, maybe. Don't wanna waste it, you know," Hwoarang replied, relieved and disappointed.

"I'll get out the spare futon when you're ready," Jin said, wrapping the towel around his hips and leaving the bathroom.

Hwoarang slipped his hand to his cock and stroked it, imagining Jin's body pressed against his, holding him face-down on the floor, Jin's cock sliding into his ass. He stifled moans and allowed only quiet gasps to escape his lips when he came. He sat in the tub, panting, a few minutes before climbing out and draining it. He looked around for a towel, and when he didn't find one, he opened the door a crack and called, "Hey, Kazama, where's my towel?"

Jin appeared a moment later, apologizing and carrying a towel, wearing loose-fitting shorts and no shirt. Hwoarang accepted the towel, shut the door, and dried off. The old pants he used as pajamas were in his bag, which, he recalled, was near the front door. He shrugged and tied the towel loosely around his hips, then left the small bathroom.

Jin was waiting on one of the floor cushions when Hwoarang, towel exposing his lean, muscular torso, opened the door. Jin watched him walk across the room, kneel down, and pull out pants. When he stood up, the towel shifted and fell down. Hwoarang casually replaced the towel with the old pants, then walked over to where Jin was sitting and dropped unceremoniously onto a cushion. The silence wasn't quite as strained as it was earlier, but there was a different tension between them.

Hwoarang looked at Jin. "Hey, Kazama? You look, I dunno, upset. Is something up?"

'You could say that,' Jin thought sardonically. He decided it would be now or never and moved closer to Hwoarang, then pressed his lips to the other's. Hwoarang parted his lips, and Jin slid his tongue past them, lingering a moment before pulling back.

"Do you know how long I've imagined doing this?" Jin rasped in Hwoarang's ear. "Two years." He sucked the earlobe inbetween his teeth and bit it gently.

Hwoarang moaned. "That long? I've only imagined it for a few months."

"What were you thinking of in the bath?" Jin whispered, soft breath on Hwoarang's neck.

"You," he gasped, feeling Jin's teeth on his throat.

"What was I doing?" He circled a nipple with his tongue and sucked it.

"Fucking me, face down on the floor," Hwoarang panted.

Jin pulled Hwoarang's pants off and tossed them aside. "How was I doing it?"

"Rough. Hard," he sighed as Jin's finger traced its way from his ear to his ass, teasing the pucker.

Jin pulled a small tube from the pocket of his shorts before they landed in the same pile as Hwoarang's pants. He squeezed some of the contents onto his finger and rubbed it onto Hwoarang's pucker, slipping the tip just past the second ring. He spread some on his cock and knelt over Hwoarang's prone body, positioning himself at the entrance and pushing in. He dropped onto his elbows and bit Hwoarang's neck.

Hwoarang moaned and pressed his ass against Jin, taking his cock deeper. "Fuck me, Kazama." He gasped, "Jin!"

Jin thrust his hips hard, his cock sliding in and out. Hwoarang reacted underneath him, moaning, whimpering. Jin's breath came in ragged gasps, and he came, collapsing onto Hwoarang, who lay there panting.

"Kazama," he wheezed, "you're heavy."

"Sorry," Jin said, shifting his weight off Hwoarang's chest. "Do you want me to get the spare futon out?"

Hwoarang looked at Jin with an eyebrow raised. "You'd prefer it if I slept out here?"

"Well, no, I just thought you might ... "

Hwoarang cut Jin's speech off with a kiss, gently sucking his lower lip. "I want to sleep with you. But not on this floor. Not very comfortable."

The corners of Jin's mouth turned up in a shy smile. "That can be arranged." He stood up and extended his hand to help Hwoarang up.

They settled in Jin's futon, Jin spooning behind Hwoarang. "Hwoarang?"

"Yeah?" he replied sleepily.

Jin paused a moment. "Can I call you Ran?"

"Does it mean anything?"

"It means 'orchid.'"

"Sure." Hwoarang yawned.



"Are you still planning on finding an apartment?"

He laughed. "Only if you're planning on kicking me out."

"Not anytime soon, Ran."

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