I could feel his eyes on my back as I rummaged in the locker for my soap. I looked over my shoulder, and Jin dropped his eyes. I'd just handed him his ass in the last round of the tournament. He had a nice bruise coming up on his hip, and from the way he frowned, I think I cracked one of his ribs. He'd landed a few good ones on me, I had to admit. There was a good-sized bruise on my bicep, where he'd caught me as I blocked a vicious right, which, as I thought about it, I was glad hadn't hit its target: my jaw.

I felt him staring at me again. I stepped out of my sweaty clothes and wrapped a towel around my waist before turning to face him. "I get the shower first, since I won." It barely counted as a locker room; it was more like a big bathroom with a shower in it. Which, of course, didn't have a door or curtain to it.

He nodded and sat on the small bench. "I suppose that's fair."

I turned the water on in the shower and hung my towel on the hook. I winced when the hot water hit the bruise on my back, but it felt good over my aching, tense muscles. I wished for a bath in there. I shampooed my hair, and I swore I heard the faintest sound of fabric rustling, and felt Jin's eyes on me again.

I peered through one half-open eye, and I saw his hand moving in his lap, his eyes half-closed, and a faint reddening on his cheeks. So that's how it is, I thought. I picked up the soap, lathered up my hands, and ran them deliberately over my body, pretending I didn't notice him. I spent more time than was, strictly speaking, necessary washing my dick. I pictured Jin under me, his well-muscled torso arching upwards as I fucked him soundly. I flicked my gaze upward and caught his eyes.

His lips were parted, and he looked slightly embarrassed at having been caught. I stroked my dick and challenged him with my eyes. He stood up to push his pants to the floor and bent to pick them up, showing off his ass. He sat back down on the bench, on a towel, and slipped his hand down between his legs. He raised his other hand up to his chest and pinched his nipple.

It was so incredibly sexy. I watched his face. His eyes closed, but he forced them open, traced them over my body, lingering on my dick. He bit his lip, and I heard his breath over the shower, and a muffled moan. He sat panting, his lips slightly parted, and I wanted to slide my dick between them. I moved my hand faster, and Jin looked up at me, his eyes on my face as I came.

Jin walked to the shower and stepped under the water before I'd even stepped out. "Want to get some dinner?" he asked as he washed his hair.

"I could go for food, yeah," I said non-committally, drying off and getting dressed.

Several hours later, I found myself in Jin's apartment, fucking him into his futon.

"It's only fair," he'd said. "You won today, after all," with a tone that hinted if he had won at the tournament, he'd be fucking me into his futon. We'd see about that.

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