Hwoarang crumbled up the newspaper and threw it across the room. "Stupid fucking Japanese."

Jin raised an eyebrow at him. "Having trouble?"

Hwoarang glared at him.

"I could teach you, you know," Jin said, a strange quirk to his lips.

"Fuck off," Hwoarang growled.

"Now, that's no way to talk to someone who's gone out of his way to give you a special, private tutoring session," Jin murmured.

A similar quirk crossed Hwoarang's lips before he bowed his head apologetically. "I'm sorry, sensei."

Jin retrieved the crumbled newspaper and put his glasses on. "What were you reading?"

Hwoarang turned to a story about an upcoming concert.

"Read it out loud," Jin said, searching for paper and pen. As Hwoarang came to an unfamiliar character, Jin stopped him. He wrote it out, broken into the component radicals, explained their meanings. He handed Hwoarang the pen and let his hand linger to brush Hwoarang's fingers.

"Sensei," Hwoarang gasped, pulling his hand away. He wrote the character as Jin instructed, while Jin looked on, correcting him.

Jin's hand brushed against Hwoarang's hand at every opportunity, and Hwoarang pulled away quickly.

Jin let his hand brush Hwoarang's thigh. Hwoarang gasped. "You're my favorite student, you know."

Hwoarang tilted his head. "Am I?"

"Oh, definitely," Jin purred, running one hand down Hwoarang's back. "Since the first day of class I've wanted to have you. Haven't you thought about me? I've seen you watching me. I've seen your eyes looking at places students shouldn't think about."

"You saw?" Hwoarang tried to look embarrassed.

"I certainly did." He pressed his lips against Hwoarang's, parted them with his tongue. Hwoarang abandoned any pretense of resistance as futile and kissed him back. Jin's hands found Hwoarang's growing erection and stroked it. Their bodies shifted, and Jin's mouth closed around Hwoarang's cock.

"Ah, fuck!" Hwoarang groaned. "Wait," he said. He turned onto his side and gestured Jin to do the same. It was easy to see why the Americans called that a 69, he thought briefly, before thought dissolved into pleasure.

Hwoarang sat leaning against Jin, whose back was against the kotatsu. "Where on earth did that come from?"

"Didn't you ever fantasize about a teacher?"

"I dropped out of school, remember? So, who was it?"

"English teacher, third year of high school. He had the most amazing ass, and he wore these pants..." Jin sighed wistfully.

"That's so you." Hwoarang shook his head, laughing.

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