Jin dropped to his knees, panting. "You win. Are you happy now?"

Hwoarang stood above him, panting as well. "You bet."

Jin watched a drop of sweat bead at Hwoarang's temple then roll down his cheek. He stood up, closer to Hwoarang than was absolutely necessary. He was never able to explain what he did next, though later he would blame it on the intoxicating smell of Hwoarang's sweat. He held Hwoarang still and licked the trail of sweat that ran down his neck.

"Kazama! What the hell are you doing?" Hwoarang shook Jin's hands off and stepped back.

Jin smiled oddly and closed the distance. "Don't you want this?" he breathed into Hwoarang's ear. "Why else would you chase after me for two years?"

Hwoarang squirmed and tried to loosen Jin's grasp, but he was stronger than earlier. "Fuck you, man! Let me go. I kicked your ass fair and square."

"I thought you'd never ask," Jin growled. He pulled Hwoarang's earlobe between his teeth and bit it with his fangs. Black wings carried them upward and across the town. Hwoarang resumed his struggle when his feet touched ground again, but Jin had the advantage.

"What the FUCK? Kazama, where the hell did you get those wings?"

"Kazama? He's not here right now." The devil laughed evilly and dragged Hwoarang inside.

"I came for Kazama, not some freakish monster." Hwoarang snarled.

"You wound me so," Devil replied, slicing Hwoarang's clothes apart with a claw. Dried sweat lingered on his skin, musky and salty, and Devil pushed him down. Hwoarang kicked him.

"You demon son of a whore!"

"Watch your language. Your precious Jin wouldn't want to hear you talk that way about his mother."

Hwoarang narrowed his eyes. "My precious Jin? My Jin? Fuck you."

Devil held Hwoarang's arms above his head and straddled his hips. "I think I will." He pressed his cock into Hwoarang's ass and fucked him roughly. As he came, his grip on Hwoarang's wrists slackened, and he fell forward.

Hwoarang shoved him off and watched the wings disappear. He was torn between killing the bastard and walking away to never look back, when Jin opened his eyes and blinked blearily. "You goddamn motherfucking son of a cunting WHORE!"


"You heard me."

Jin sat up and looked around. He was in his apartment, and Hwoarang was there, naked and screaming obscenities at him, and was that blood? "What happened? How did we get here?"

"You don't know?" Hwoarang's voice dropped a register. "You fucking raped me, and you don't even fucking remember?"

Jin looked down. "Damn it. DAMN it. Fuck the Mishimas and their curse." He took several deep breaths. "The son of a bitch who fathered me passed on a curse, this devil gene. I can't control it. I don't know when it comes out. It has ... triggers." He looked over at Hwoarang, who was crouching in the corner, ready to strike. "It may have been my body, but it wasn't me. I know it doesn't change things. I apologize. Hit me, if you'd like."

Hwoarang whispered, "You don't remember."

"No, I don't. I would never do something like that." He stood up and walked over to Hwoarang's corner, and crouched down.

Hwoarang's stance became defensive, and he cursed himself silently for being against the wall. He recoiled at Jin's touch, light against his face.

Jin smiled sadly. "Forgive me." He leaned forward and pressed his lips against Hwoarang's temple. "Know that I, Jin Kazama, would never knowingly hurt you."

"You BASTARD!" Hwoarang said, and pushed Jin onto his back and knelt over his chest. "Do you think sweet words can fix things?" He pounded Jin's chest. "Because ... because if it'd been you, asking, I'd have been willing." A renegade tear slid down Hwoarang's cheek.

"Hwoarang," Jin murmured. He slid his fingers into Hwoarang's hair. "We can work through this, together."

"How can I trust you?"

"I can't even trust myself."

"That makes things more difficult." Hwoarang stopped. "Wait, together?"

"Together. You help me get rid of this thing. I help you, er, trust me, I suppose. This is definitely not how I'd wanted to start things off between us." Jin gave a short, deprecating laugh.

Hwoarang snorted. "No, definitely not. But you had ideas of a between us?"

"For a while. And I truly, deeply apologize, and i can only hope that someday you will forgive me."

"Someday, maybe. That devil bastard I'll never forgive."

"Neither shall I," Jin whispered.

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