Jin stepped onto the train. He let the crowd of bodies close around him. After a few stops, he noticed a red-headed man drifting through the crowd as it changed. He lost sight of him. Between stops, a body pressed against his back, not unusual in a commuter train, though this time, the other person's hand found its way to his crotch.

"In two stops, you're getting off the train with me," a voice rasped in his ear.

"If I refuse?" Jin whispered.

"Then I'll do you right here on the train." As if to illustrate his point, the hand slipped into his waistband.

Jin hissed. "Fine."

"Our stop," the voice whispered. "Shall we?" The red-head held his hand to Jin's back, making sure he wasn't going to run as they left the station.

"Where are we going?" Jin asked.

"You'll see." The red-head smirked.

Jin looked at the run-down buildings and hoped one of them wasn't their destination. "Do you have a name?"

The red-head's smirk resembled a particularly vicious cat's. "You'll be screaming it later, so call me Red."

Jin rolled his eyes. Red led on, out of the dingy area and into an upscale business district. He turned down a street and approached an elegant glass door. He swiped a bank card in the slot, pressed a button, and picked up the key that dropped.

"Room 7. After you," he said. Jin walked in, and Red followed.

As he closed the door behind himself, Red said, "Take off your clothes."

Jin looked at him. "What if I don't?"

"Look, you have two options: you take your clothes off yourself, or I do it for you. Either way, you're going to be naked, and I'm going to fuck you until you can't stand up."

Jin frowned and started unbuttoning his shirt. "What about you?"

"Oh, we'll get to that. I'll give you a preview," Red said, opening the buttons on his shirt. He whistled admiringly when Jin's pants joined his shirt on the floor. "Wonderful! I knew I'd chosen well," he said, crossing the room. He dragged a finger down Jin's chest. "Exquisite. Now, sit." He pointed to the bed. Jin sat. "On the edge, please."

Jin wiggled forward. Red knelt in front of him and stroked his cock until it was hard. Jin whispered, "Don't..."

"You'll be begging by the time I'm through with you," Red said jauntily. He cupped Jin's balls in his hand and pulled on the sac. Jin whimpered. Red took Jin's cock into his mouth, slid his tongue around the head and along the underside, while he stroked Jin's balls with one hand, and his thigh with the other.

Jin panted, and he fell back onto his elbows. Red's tongue brushed over a sensitive spot, and Jin gasped involuntarily. Red focused his attention on that spot, and Jin came, stifling his moans.

"Hmm, I'd thought you'd be more vocal than that," Red laughed. "Well, we have all night. But first, it's my turn." He pulled Jin to his feet and pressed his erection into Jin's hip. "You've turned me on quite nicely." He stepped back and pushed Jin to his knees. "Now you get to get me off." He unzipped his pants and pushed them down, kicked them across the room.

"If I don't want to?"

"Then I'll take it out of your ass. Which I was planning on for later, but I'm flexible. Either way, I'm fucking horny, and you're going to take care of it. Which is it going to be?"

"As you planned," Jin said.

Red stepped closer and pulled Jin's head up to his crotch. Jin opened his mouth, and Red moved his hips slightly, rhythmically. He twined his fingers into Jin's hair and pulled when Jin found a sensitive spot. Jin moaned, sending vibrations up Red's shaft. "Like that, do you?" He pulled a little harder, eliciting another whimper. "Fuck, that's hot." He tensed, quivered, and came. He dropped to his knees facing Jin. "You're good at that, for someone who acts like he's never done it before." He leaned forward and pressed his lips against Jin's, parted Jin's with his tongue, mixing the salty muskiness in their mouths.

"Why me?" Jin asked.

"I saw you get on the train, and I'd been looking for a lay. Thought you'd do nicely."

Jin frowned. "But I don't know you, and you don't know me. And I don't trust strangers." He had to admit, though, that the idea of sex with a stranger was appealing, in its own way. Especially with a handsome stranger.

"You're here now. And you, ah, perked up on the train there." The left side of Red's mouth curled upward. "But I didn't follow you onto the train to bloody talk to you." He stood up and pulled the sheets down. "Up you go." He grabbed Jin under the arms and dragged him onto the bed.

Jin lay on his back. Red ran fingers up his chest, pinching his nipples, and Jin lay still. Red scowled. "It's no fun if you just lie there. At least pretend you're having fun. Or even fuss like you're not." He retrieved the bag he'd brought with him, opened it up, and produced a rather large buttplug.

Jin's eyes widened, in something between apprehension and anticipation, and his breath caught. "You mean to..."

"I most certainly do. How much preparation you get depends on whether or not you start enjoying yourself here." He set the plug and a bottle of lube on the nightstand and knelt over Jin. He pressed his thigh between Jin's legs, bent forward, and licked his nipple.

Jin whimpered, then gasped as teeth bit. "Oh, fuck."

"Don't overdo it, now," Red taunted. He moved up to Jin's throat, and Jin turned his head to expose sensitive areas. Red exploited them mercilessly until Jin's erection pressed into his leg.

Red reached over and grabbed the bottle from the nightstand. Through half-opened eyes, Jin watched him slide a glove on and squeeze lube onto two fingers, kneel down by him, and slide slickened fingers into his ass. Red stared into his eyes, and Jin refused to look away, or close his eyes, even as fingers brushed his prostate. He panted, and his hand reached involuntarily for his aching cock.

Red grabbed it. "None of that, now." He pulled his fingers out and reached for the plug, doused it with lube, and knelt behind Jin again. "I think you can handle this." He held the tip against the opening, and pressed inward.

Jin groaned. "Oh, god. Please," he murmured.

"Please what?" Red teased.

"Touch me," Jin begged.

"Such a change in attitude! First, defiance, then resignation, and now, desire?" Red grinned at him.

"Red, please. I want it," Jin rasped.

Red smirked and knelt over him again, thigh pressed against Jin's crotch, knee against the silicone plug, rocking gently. His hand gripped Jin's shaft, worked up and down, while he sucked Jin's nipple, biting it roughly on whim. When Jin's breath came heavy, punctuated with moaned blasphemies, Red stopped. Jin glared at him.

Red pulled the plug out and tossed it on a towel. "I had something better in mind." He spread lube onto his dick and knelt between Jin's legs, cock pressed teasingly between Jin's buttocks. He stared into Jin's eyes again, daring him to say it.

Jin ached for it. "Fuck me, Red, please," he whispered.

"What was that? I'm not sure I heard you."

Jin growled, "Fuck me, now, Red."

Red obliged. He pressed in, quickly, ungently, and fucked Jin thoroughly, until they were both spent and lay sweaty and tired on the floor.

"That," Hwoarang said, "was hot."

"Easy for you to say. You had the easy part. You didn't even have to act."

"I did! I had to avoid hitting all your favorite spots on the first try. Do you have any idea how hard that was?"

"Not as hard as your cock," Jin said with a smile.

"If I weren't so exhausted, I'd hit you for that. You should have seen your face when I brought out that new toy! I about came in my pants."

"You weren't wearing any."

"Oh, shut up."

"We should get home."

"I can't move yet. Besides, your old man's footing the bill, so we can stay as long as we want."

Jin's eyebrow explored the lower reaches of his hairline.

"I stole his credit card."

"I love you."

"I know."

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